Useful Body Classes for Wordpress

WordPress is a super powerful CMS, and you can make it work even harder for you through the power of body classes.

Easily add a table of contents to any post without a plugin in WordPress

I had to build some table of contents functionality recently, and after trying numerous very popular plugins, I decided to create my own solution that by far offers the most flexibility and versatility. Read on to see my solution!
#wordpress #php

How WordPress compares to the Jamstack

I've tried a lot of static site generators and wanted to do a write up of my experience as a primarily WordPress based developer and designer.
#wordpress #jamstack

Offset a WordPress loop with pagination

Understanding how pagination works in WP is hard. Offsetting loops with pagination can be harder. Luckily, I went through all this trial and error so you don't have to! Copy and paste (almost) guaranteed.

How to add an ajax-ified cart count into a WordPress menu with WooCommerce

Read on to see how I add a cart count to an *actual* WordPress menu so it is rendered within the actual `wp_nav_menu()` markup.
#wordpress #woocommerce

How to implement a seamless responsive video background using Youtube and WordPress

Making a video act as a background can be finicky and painful. After having to do this several times in the past year, here is my strategy for embedding videos responsively across different devices.
#wordpress #video

Load the next page using ajax

Simply no plugin needed.
#jquery #wordpress

Get the *actual* page ID in WordPress archives

Useful if you want to retrieve specific page ID's from an archive template