Lazy loading is not a cure-all

This likely a pretty unpopular opinion, but this is also _my_ blog so I gotta be honest. In my recent perusal of the web, I've realised lazy loading is often redundant and unnecessary. In fact, I'll bet for the most part lazy loading is implemented just to satisfy Google, but it is also a feature many sites could do without.
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How to implement a fool-proof dark mode

**I think it's fair to say dark mode is one of 2019's biggest design patterns, especially amongst developers.** Despite it's popularity, dark mode implementation can be iffy, especially on static sites and non JavaScript-based apps where dark mode is more likely to be found.
#css #javascript

A rant about the State of CSS in 2019

I have opinions of the state of CSS today. Some of them controversial, probably.
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My totally non-hacky ways to control the order in which JavaScript files are concatenated

If you're using a task runner like Gulp, Grunt, or even Codekit, you're probably minifying and concatenating your files. Processing javascript is a little more annoying in that the order they are processed matters. These are the ways I overcome this problem!
#javascript #build tools

querySelectorAll() vs getElementsByClassName

These methods might seem simple and interchangeable, but for beginners it can be confusing and hard to understand where to use these tags appropriately. Personally, understanding how these two methods work helped me write more understandable and resilient code.
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