How to implement a fool-proof dark mode

**I think it's fair to say dark mode is one of 2019's biggest design patterns, especially amongst developers.** Here's a fool proof way to implement dark mode on your website so that it saves a user's preference and ensures no flash of inverting colours on page load.
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A rant about the State of CSS in 2019

I have opinions of the state of CSS today. Some of them controversial, probably.
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A simple strategy to optimise asset delivery in WordPress


One does not simply echo in WordPress

Displaying data in WordPress often involves more than just echoing. I mean, echo will work and display output just fine, but if you want to make sure your code is as secure as possible, it's always a good idea to attempt to clean whatever data you are using first.
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Designing for the web: a checklist

I've built quite a few websites based on other people's designs, and along the way I've stumbled across a few common issues that have significantly slowed the overall design to development process. These are some of the things I think are important to look out for when designing for the web.
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Tips I've learned on my design + web development journey

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My totally non-hacky ways to control the order in which JavaScript files are concatenated

If you're using a task runner like Gulp, Grunt, or even Codekit, you're probably minifying and concatenating your files. Processing javascript is a little more annoying in that the order they are processed matters. These are the ways I overcome this problem!
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Using a single PHP loop to output data into multiple wrapping elements

Ever run into the problem of needing to output data from a PHP loop into separate wrapping divs? You could use the same loop twice to return data into two different divs. Or you could use this is a super handy technique to generate data *inside* multiple different elements using the same loop.
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