How to build a responsive and lightweight image comparison slider

Many image comparison sliders are bloated and involve scroll/gesture-jacking, rendering it unusable on touchscreen devices. I would like to present you my own solution which is simple, compact, and transportable, using vanilla JavaScript and the range slider input field.
#javascript #images

How WordPress compares to the Jamstack

I've tried a lot of static site generators and wanted to do a write up of my experience as a primarily WordPress based developer and designer.
#wordpress #jamstack

We need to rethink how we build websites for accessibility


Build alternate element styles easily with currentColor

If you are styling multiple alternate styles for the same element (eg. a button), did you know you may not even need to write custom overrides at all? `currentColor` is an amazingly simple yet powerful example of the CSS cascade's capabilities, allowing you to easily switch out the colours of text, borders, and more.

How to add an ajax-ified cart count into a WordPress menu with WooCommerce

Read on to see how I add a cart count to an *actual* WordPress menu so it is rendered within the actual `wp_nav_menu()` markup.
#wordpress #woocommerce

How to implement a seamless responsive video background using Youtube and WordPress

Making a video act as a background can be finicky and painful. After having to do this several times in the past year, here is my strategy for embedding videos responsively across different devices.
#wordpress #video

Design vs. Usability

**There is design, and then there's design for design's sake.** You may have heard of over-engineering; well over-designing goes hand-in-hand. It's a scourge of the modern web, and instead of celebrating it let's just call it out for what it is- ego flexing with a side of esoteric UI gimmickry.
#user experience

Lazy loading is not a cure-all

This likely a pretty unpopular opinion, but this is also _my_ blog so I gotta be honest. In my recent perusal of the web, I've realised lazy loading is often redundant and unnecessary. In fact, I'll bet for the most part lazy loading is implemented just to satisfy Google, but it is also a feature many sites could do without.
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